When everything falls apart -Listen YOUR TRUTH – AND ACT ON IT NOW

So the day has broken into a million pieces and the walls have come tumbling down ?

Sound familiar moreover Feels familiar ?

Today I decided to be wise and use my knowledge for myself

I listened to my inner guidance -STOP !!!!

Cleanse it all – Parvati is the goddess of purity and the wife of shiva and this name was gifted to me many years ago Today I see the deeper gift

Today what I have put energy into is following my guidance



Left the consultancy job that did not serve me and found 300 pounds in my underwear draw the universe is finding me again – Gratitude felt truly again !

And the energy of TRUST is enabling me to share this with the universe-

I have a wisdom that is unique and experience that is wide this soul has so much to share and it starts hear…Visibility My Name Is Samantha Thrower welcome to the Journey the-goddess-parvati-gregory-clarke-johnsen




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